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Dream Log: The Revolution

I had a dream last night.

It started with a chase. In this dream I was a leader of a revolution that was spreading a new ideology called Impactivism which championed an Impact Based Economy. It was some years into the future, at least 30 or so and the world had been ravaged by war. 

As the leader of this revolution, I was a wanted man and was being chased by the military faction of the powers in control. I was with a group of followers, people that were close to me in this campaign to set the people free from the tyranny of centralized governments that were controlled by centralized banks. The group numbered about twenty or so and as we ran through the ruins of a once marvelous city, some of the followers would break off and try to stall the force that was chasing us. We were out manned and out gunned and still we did not give up. Those brave souls fought to give us more time; they were my friends, they were my family, and they bled for me and the cause because they knew that our cause was righteous. 

By the time we made it to our bunker, a fairly high tech underground bunker that looked to have been converted from an old missile silo, our numbers where less than ten. We entered the bunker and secured the entrance which gave us more time. As we descended the spiraling staircase that wrapped around the silo all the way down to the bottom, the encroaching force began cutting their way into the top cover.

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Dream log: An Adventure in Hang-gliding

This dream starts off with me out on a dock getting ready to launch on a new hang-glider I just got, which was really a piece of crap and just a big kite. I lived in Downtown Fort Myers, but in the dream, Fort Myers was a sprawling metropolitan area with many sky-scrapers.

I had just taken off from a dock over by my brothers house and I was flying up and down the coast. I tried calling my brother to talk about how amazing the sites were but he didn't answer.

I landed because I wanted to hook up a GoPro camera so I could record the sights and on the dock were a few people I knew. In this dream I was also trying to build a team of lawyers for a new TV show I was making and I had a sheet with a bust drawing of each of the people I was trying to recruit. Two of them where my roommates, and both of them were gay. They were very motherly and kept trying to get me to eat some food before I took off in my hang-glider again. They kept feeding me chicken and green-beans. It was good but I had to leave.

I remember I had a boat tied up to the dock and was thinking about driving the boat back to my apartment so I could put it on the lift there. One of the people on the dock was shocked when I told him I had a private boat lift downtown that was part of my apartment building and I only had to pay an extra $50/month for it.

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Dream log: Planet-X

This dream starts out with me going for a bicycle ride at night. I am riding up a hill and I pass this family that is standing outside in their yard and they are all looking off in the same direction. I think it's kind of weird so I stop to see if I could see what they were looking at, and WOW. Hanging in the night sky is this marvel. It was so large that at first I thought I was looking at a giant storm but then I realized it was a whole Planet that was passing by Earth.

The planet was a charred grey and had it's own cloud system swirling around it., which is why I thought it was a giant storm at first. In the middle of the planet it looked like the surface was lava, and all around it where spouting flames like torches that would suddenly flare up then die down. I am standing there in the middle of the road, completely transfixed by what I am seeing, and then suddenly, the whole planet zips out of view.

I wake up in amazement but then fall back to sleep, the dream continues. Except now it is a few months past that moment and the world is in chaos. When Planet X came close to us, an entire fleet of aliens left the planet and attacked Earth. Now Earth was a giant battle ground and everything was in ruins.

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Dream Log: Heroes in a nutshell

Ok this dream is a big fragmented so I will just document what I can remember, but it was strange, like I was part of some epic TV series that was about a team of friends that learn they have different powers and are able to augment those powers with technology.

The dream started with me, discovering what my power was and finding some tech that made me stronger, but I don't remember the details about my part. It moves onto another member of the team, a woman who used light as her power. 

She could emit light from any part of her body and slowly learns how to focus that light into a lazer beam. An enemy tried trapping her in a mirror maze, not knowing that she was powered up by absorbing light as well. The woman didn't even know this either but once she find out she creates a small piece of tech that she could wear as a bracer on her arm. This bracer was really just a circular mirror and she could "charge" a shot by emitting light within that bracer and then reabsorbing it back into herself, thus making her next shot even stronger.

She and I are on a case, tracking down some killer when he runs into a corporate building filled with employees. Someone sounds an emergency alarm and everyone starts filing out of the building and, for some reason, they go up these stairs that circle a dome structure, with the goal to get everyone on top of the domes.

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Dream Log: A Post Apocalyptic Love Affair

A new dream, a new story.

Deep in a territory of what once was Mexico, and just a few short hours before the sun hid behind the distant mountains, a Wanderer is walking up to a town surrounded by steels walls at least 40 feet high.  Each section looked like it had been torn from different objects and held together by nuts and bolts, haphazardly placed wherever they would fit.  Stepping through the door in a large gate, the Baron of the town, a short greasy man that was about as wide as he was tall, with pale skin and red hair, snickers at the Wanderer as he got closer and raising his hand. 

"Whoa traveler, what business do you have here?", said the Baron.

The Wanderer greets the Baron with a smile, "Just seeking shelter for the night, I'll be on my way in the morning once the Beasties have gone back in their holes".

"We have heard stories of a Wanderer traveling from town to town. A dangerous man with solemn eyes and deep pockets", the Baron says licking his lips greedily, "That'll be 40 Cred to enter these gates".

The Wanderer rolls his eyes and gets out his bank machine, a short compact machine that transfers digital credits from his personal stash to a transfer chip. Setting it on the ground he looks at his total, only 120 Cred left. "Well I don't know about having deep pockets, I am almost out of Cred but I guess it's better than being left out here in the dark. That is a bit steep but I can afford 40 Cred".

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There is only the dream...

A facade of thin ice, hides the dark waters,
while the monsters of the deep never sleep,
shaking the earth tree to it's core.

Needles of the heart prick the veneer of the soul,
leaking memories like ghosts whispering in the wind...
...and they burn in the fire of solitude.

Is it courage to tell no one? Is it shame to share?
Will the truth set us free, does anyone really care?
I walk this lonely road dampened by hope and trodden by solemn feet...
...only to find myself back at the beginning,
chained to the past,
and torn by the future.

There is no sleep, there is only the dream.
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Been so long

Wow has it been a long time. 3 years since my last post. Life sure has changed since then. I sure have changed since then. Looking back over the past 3 years there is too much to put into one post. And frankly, I am more focused on looking ahead anyways.

This journal has always been of a more personal nature than my other blogs or social networks and I would like to keep it that way. Part of the reason why I stopped posting is because of my quest to build a thriving development company. And while my thoughts can sometimes be dark, they are more often positive, by choice. I have recently been watching Tony Robbins new show, Breakthrough on NBC, and it is quite inspiring. On the outside I am always upbeat and positive but in truth, I get really down sometimes. My life is like a constant roller coaster, up-down-up-down. I know I am not unique in this but for someone that keeps their eye on the prize, that knows the methods of changing the way we think, that has the experience of dozens of lifetimes if not more, and the technical skills and business know-how to even trump Bill Gates, you would think I would have built Idea Sponge, (my newest endeavor), into a thriving tech company by now. But no. It is still struggling. My problem is not lack of knowledge, it is attitude.

Well one thing for certain that can be said about me, is that I am absolutely determined to see this thing through even if it takes me 30 years. My dreams and visions will be realized no matter how far-our they may be. I just wish I wasn't doing this alone. I would give my right arm for a partner. I thrive 10-fold when I do things as a team, and a dwindle when I do them alone.

I know that sounds like an excuse, perhaps it is. I do know that even if someone else is in the room with me, it gets me jazzed up. I work harder, faster, and smarter. I think that is what I need to focus on now is getting a partner to help get things moving faster. Time is wasting and I'm not getting any younger!
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A blog about my new blog

Just a little note to introduce yall to my new blog site.  you can reach it at  This site will mostly be about technical related topics, such as my previous post here.  The cool thing about my new blog is that it is actually powered by Blogger.  Blogger lets me post my blog from their very easy to use interface, and it publishes it right to my website.  And if you read the previous post about MS Groove, you will find that I posted that blog using the new Blog functionality in MS Word 2007.  Isn't technology cool?

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Calling all LAMP developers

Hello. First let me explain LAMP just in case some may not have heard that term yet. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/PERL. Four separate applications that work together to form a very user friendly and developer friendly environment. So if you are a LAMP developer, or even have experience in working with PHP and MySQL period regardless of OS or web server, then this post is for you. Now for the goods.

Some may know me, some may not. My name is Glenn Barres and I have been in web development for over 9 years now. I started off making little advertisement websites for my mentor, Chris Toughill, when I was 19. I have always had an immense interest in computers, namely video games, for as long as I can remember. I got into computers because I wanted to make my own video games. Much has changed since that initial desire, but the desire has not. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in a wide area of environments including web hosting, application development, application service providers, ISP's, telco, (a telephone company), marketing, and media creation. All of these within a Windows and *NIX based platforms. I personally have designed from scratch helpdesk systems, point of sale interfaces, hosting management systems, numerous personal and professional websites, billing systems, call detail systems(that was a tricky one), Meta search engines, and Multiple Level Marketing platforms, (not pyramid schemes). There are probably others that are just escaping me at this time. This is my general professional background. Now my main interests are in Neuro-science (the science of the mind/brain), user friendliness, entertainment, and non invasive marketing. What this means is that I have a desire to create applications that are fun, easy to use, immensely popular, (via word of mouth and non annoying advertisement), and help promote elevated levels of thinking. To put it simply, I am an idea guy. Ideas flow through me like water over the Niagara Falls. It is impossible for me to look at something in life and not get an idea on how to make it better. So one day I decided to take all I know and turn it into a profitable venture called Mediawake. This being said, I will get to my point.

My company, Mediawake LLC, is in need of developers and other like-minded individuals as myself. If your interests are close to mine then you have a very good chance in being part of this company. If they are not, you still have a chance so keep reading, we do after all like diversity, it keeps the juices flowing. Mediawake is about a year old and up till now has focused on the development of other people's ideas. At this time we are refocusing on our own ideas. I have come to realize though that I cannot do it all myself. Hence, the reason for this post. I am looking for people to fit the needs and growth of this exciting new company. Below you will find a list of the most desired positions with the most important first.

Programmer, (PHP, MySQL a must, working Linux knowledge a plus)
Database Admins, (MySQL in a Linux environment)
Systems Administrator (Strong working Linux knowledge a must with a background in security and optimization being a plus)
Marketing Enthusiasts (great a finding niche markets that we can plug into)
Brain stormers (people persons a plus. Finding out what makes people tick and being able to help solve their collective needs)

As our company grows other positions will become available. I do not require any schooling but you must be able to demonstrate your skill sets.

Send all applications, resumes, stories, or whatever else you think may get your foot in the door to What I am looking for is a partner, not an employee. If you feel up to this then do not hesitate.

Why such opposition?

One thing I think of often is why do people oppose the existence of the Christian God? I too have denied Him and at times hated Him. I remember as a kid that I hated life so much that my aim was to anger God so much that he would just strike me dead. It never happened. So this led me to doubt if He really was real. For many years I was like many others, trying to point out the flaws in the Bible and the Christian system. As you can probably tell in the writing of this text things have changed a lot since then.

Lets look at Science. Many people turn to the science of old to "prove" the falsity in the Bible and the teaching of Jesus. What is very ironic is that science is now coming around to be one of the major supporters of the writing of the Old testament and the New. Lets take the Big Bang for example. People often say that we are here because of happen stance and pure coincidence. Why does the existence of Nature and all of it's laws, have to be "proof" of the lack of a God? I have found in time that the less people know of the Bible, the stronger they argue how fake it is. Does that make any sense to you? If I were to sit down at a conference with a bunch of Paleontologists and argue the existence of Dinosaurs, they would laugh me out of the room and no one would take me seriously. Yet someone that has only heard in passing a phrase or two of the Bible is all of a sudden an expert in the matters of Life and how we came to be, and people actually believe them. A good example would be when I was about 18 years old, I was talking with a friend of mine about the bible and another individual came up to me and said, How can you know what a man over a million years old said is true.(not an exact quote). I asked him who he was talking about and he said Jesus. Even if Jesus was not the son of God, nearly everyone knows he is not a million years old, yet his disbelief in God was based on this misunderstanding.

Now lets, for arguments sake, remove every mention of a Creator and moral obligation from the Bible. Lets look at the rest. The Bible has given man instructions on how to conduct a peaceful and happy life filled with riches and comfort. The Bible talks about why it is important to not be lazy, "Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth" Proverbs 10:4. The Bible mentions that God created man in His own image from the clay of the earth. Science has shown today that we are composed of the basic elements of the earth. hmm.

I could write so much more on this subject but others already have and know much much more than I. In my opinion one of the major reasons why people deny the existence of God and the validity of the Bible is that in believing the bible and it's teachings, one is forced to recognize that they are in error. That their life is a life of selfish desire and ego. No one likes to be wrong, even I am not very fond of it. But the bible says that the flesh is weak and we are all sinners. So that is why people fight the Truth, they don't want to be wrong nor face the error in their ways. Every day people make excuses for the mistakes they make on a large scale and a small. How many times have you tried to explain your way out of trouble? I know I have many many times in my past and still catch myself doing it today. The only difference is that now stop myself when I notice I am doing it. It is human nature to seek out knowledge. We are learning machines. One of my favorite published journals to read is Scientific American and Scientific American Mind. Two very awesome magazines. Nearly every issues I read confirms more and more my own beliefs in Christ and Absolute Truth. I belief without a doubt that there is a God and I do my best to follow in the teachings of the Bible, yet I am always looking for more proof, more understanding. It s those that stop seeking and take the information represented to them for granted that end up staring at the scarred walls of the dead end they have traveled down.

Some may read this and think it is just more Dogma. I challenge you to not just take my word for it, go out and seek for yourself.

Below are a couple of interesting links I found while writing this entry.
Law of Relativity

A good example of how ignorance can be taken so literal and how people will believe in anything even with little or skewed evidence.

And last I would like to make one more challenge to my readers. Take the Book of Proverbs from the Old testament. Read 1 Chapter a day. At the end of come back and tell me if you learned anything and what you learned. Even if you have read it before, read it again.

For those that do not have access to a Bible

And remember, above all else, always seek Truth, in the darkness and in the light.
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